Thursday, November 26, 2009

Centrifuge Revisited

I have been asked to talk more about how I put together my centrifuge.

In the first picture the centrifuge is partly disassembled. The blender, 2 large salad bowls, small metal mixing bowl, 2 toothbrush travel holders(tops), 2 small angle bars with 1 hole at each end, 4 screws, nuts and lock washers and 2 plastic adjustable ties, 4 clips(to hold salad bowls together when spinning), fishing weights and foam(for inside bottom of tube holders not seen) and duct tape.

The second shows where I cut the upper wall of the blender to flatten and level out the top so the metal dish can spin without touching anything.

In the third picture I put the tube holder put together. I measured the height of the side hole(this is important must be the same for both holders) and drilled this hole slightly larger then the screw. I screwed the angle iron on the tube holder with the screw head on the inside so that it is flat on the inside of the holder. I used a lock washer to tighten it properly. Then I used a plastic adjustable tie to support and steady the tube. Then I did the same for the second holder. Using a balance, some foam and a bit of lead(fishing weights) I balanced each one with the other so they offset each other.

In picture 4 I drilled a hole in the center of the metal dish. This must be done carefully because if not exactly centered it will wobble. First time I used a drill and vise to hold the bowl and did not get it right. Second time I used a drill press and a drill press vise to center the bowl and this time it worked. Now place this on the blender and make sure it spins evenly before going on to the next step. Next you have to drill the side holes for the tube holders(again use a drill press and vise if possible to keep everything steady, you don't want the holes to be of different sizes this could add a weight imbalance by taking off too much from 1 side than the other) . Again you must measure correctly to offset each holder on opposite ends. Now place this on the blender and make sure it spins evenly before going on to the next step. Now put the bowl and holders together.

Next I cut out a large hole in the center of one of the salad bowls. This will fit over and sit on the blender. I used duct tape to hold the bowl in place. Now I placed the tube holder and small bowl on the blender and secured it in place with the blender center piece(shown in the third picture). I placed the 2nd salad bowl on top of the 1st salad bowl edge to edge with the bottom of the bowl pointed up. I used the clips to hold it in place.

Then I tried it out. I do not recommend trying this with out the salad bowls in place. If anything goes flying this should hopefully protect you. Remember be careful when building and using a centrifuge they can be very dangerous. So create at your own risk and I am not responsible for any injuries from building or using a homemade centrifuge.