Monday, February 2, 2009

More Lab Equipment

By visiting second hand stores I have found a good collection of lab glassware and other lab equipment. It usually takes many trips before you might find something of use. I did find some great pieces of labware: 10 glass petri dishes that cost $1.00 each, 4 400 ml. beakers at $1.00 each and different flasks and test tubes.

In picture # 5 I found a box of glass furniture casters in the trash. These can be used as petri dishes, test dishes, animal dishes such as brine shrimp etc.

In picture # 4 I built some funnel stands from coat hangers and lab stands from 1/2 inch dowelling and 1 inch wood. They work great for supporting flasks, beakers and evaporating dishes while heating them.

In picture # 6 (not a very good picture) I show a laptop that was thrown out and some software and microphone that I put together as an oscilloscope. The software came from a book Electronic circuits for the evil genius : [57 lessons with projects] / Dave Cutcher. He even shows you how to create a test cable for the scope.