Monday, October 21, 2013


Older Incubator
I picked this old incubator up very inexpensively. It was not working. I took it apart and the wiring was removed. I rewired it and tested it out. The heating panel works and so does the thermostat.

It is an old metal box. I intend to add some insulation, either Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard or plastic to keep the temperature more stable. At first I thought maybe I would mount it on the outside of the incubator but as I think more about it I believe it might work better on the inside as this might be easier to clean than metal walls.

I will revisit this when it is finished.

I now have 2 incubators the earlier one I built which goes up to about 30 degrees C and this one which goes up to at least 40 degrees.

I found this link to the pdf file for The Amateur Scientist by C. L. Stong. This is a classic with experiments in archaeology, biology, physics, electronics, etc. These are projects from Scientific American's The Amateur Scientist column.

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Rod said...

It's amazing how cheap and easy it can be to repair some pieces of cheap or discarded equipment . I bought a Corning hotplate/magnetic stirrer on eBay for $40. The stir function wasn't working. I quickly figured out that the potentiometer controlling the stir speed was the problem. After replacing it the whole thing worked like new. New price is around $300.