Monday, September 29, 2008

More Chemistry Sets and Books

As you can see I did manage to get 2 more chemistry sets. The first is a Smithosian Microchemistry set. It has almost everything it came with in it. I found it at a yard sale and paid $5.00 for it. It only has a small amount of chemicals, as per microchemistry. The other one I found in an antique show at our mall. It is a Porter Chemcraft Chemistry set from the 1950's or 60's. It has most of its chemicals, test tubes, burner, scale, test tube racks, etc.

You can see on the right side bottom of the page 3 new categories 1)Books for Experimenting- This will cover books I find and can get my hands on, whether purchased or borrowed from the library. This will contain old books and hopefully many newer books that pertain to today's science. 2) Useful Links - will contain links I find useful in building my amateur's lab. 3) Historical Books - books about science and the scientist's work.

I will talk more about these books and links later.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see another chemistry fanatic. Keep it up! It is a very rewarding and insightful hobby.

apoteker said...

This looks interesting. Takes me back to my days as a kid playing with Gilbert Chemistry Sets. Anyone remember Winn's science supply store in Manhattan? It was around 28th st. My father and I would visit that like it was our personal Mecca. Anyway those were the things that ignited my love of chemistry and sent me to Columbia University to study Pharmacy.

Lawrence said...

When I was younger my parents bought me a "Future Scientist Chemistry Set". It had something like 48 chemicals, balance, beaker and flask, etc. It was a fairly large set.. I am not sure who made it, I have tried to search for it on-line but have found nothing.