Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Chemistry Sets

It has been a long time since I have written here. I began to look at ways of putting together a nice amateur lab to play with. I managed to find a couple of old chemistry sets. One on eBay. The Mr. Wizard Chemistry set. I had one when I was a kid many, many years ago. I always loved to watch his science shows and read some of his science books from our public library. I was quite surprised to find this kit. Now eBay maybe a good source for things but be careful. It is a nice kit, but shipping was expensive. The kit was $10.00, shipping ended up being $12.00. Still for $22.00 that is not bad, except when the kit arrived there wasn't to much of the chemicals left. I did get some glassware, flask, beaker, 8 test-tubes, test-tube stand, alcohol burner, balance, experiment book, etc.

The second one is a Merit chemistry set 50, I think this was a Salter chemistry set when I was younger. I found this at a flee market for $3.00 fully sealed. Now this was a great bargain, it came with 8 different chemicals, test-tubes, watch glass, glass and rubber tubing, etc.

You can see a picture of both sets at the side. So far I believe I am off to a good start on putting together my science lab.

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