Thursday, June 25, 2009


It has been awhile since I added any information. I have spent some time in building my incubator. Testing it out exactly. I will be placing the fish tank heater into a glass dish of water to heat the incubator. I tested this out and it seems to work quite well. I will add either some copper sulphate or aquarium anti-microbial solution to the water to keep microbial life from growing in the glass dish. I need to come up with some shelves to hold plates, tubes and flasks at different heights in the incubator. I will post a final picture of the incubator when it is finished.

For father's day I received a wonderful book titled: Build-it-Yourself Science Laboratory by Raymond E. Barrett. It was published in 1963. It shows you how to build all kinds of lab equipment, for chemistry, physics, and biology. It even has questions to answer by scientific experimentation after each section. We need a book like this today for building our own labs.

Other books I have picked up for my growing library:

Magic with Chemistry by Edward L. Palder 1964.

150 Science Experiments Step-By-Step by Judith Viorst 1963.

Physics, Fun and Beyond by Eduardo de Campos Valadares 2006.

The Thomas Edison book of Easy and Incredible Experiments by the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation 1988.

Basic Chemistry Experiments: A Golden Hobby Book by Robert Brent 1965 edition.

So now I have many more books to add to my collection and more experiments to try out.

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